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I've been in litigation before over decks on Condos and know a thing or two about them.

You must slope the framing or provide a sloped pre-slope at at least a quarter inch per foot. 3/8 would be better.

I'm not a Ditra guy, but if you are married to it, check with Schulter to see if that is an appropriate EXTERIOR membrane--I doubt it. Any membrane has to be rolled up the walls of the building at least 4 inches, so splashes etc are not absorbed by the framing.

My typical installation would be sloped framing (if you can) or a sloped mud bed over level framing; then an exterior rated membrane, like EPDM, rolled up the walls UNDER the exterior wall treatment; Then flashing over that membrane; then re-install the wall siding; then a drainage mat like Schulter's TROBA; then a setting bed of mud; then tile. Epoxy Grout would be best.

The concept for exterior decks is to let moisture into the mud setting bed, then it is drawn away by the sloped membrane into a Scupper. This is especially important in any wet environment or freeze thaw location.
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