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What Peter said, Ed, though I'll disagree a bit with water proofing well into the room; really depends on the size of the shower and if you have a door or curtain.

All pre-made foam pans have a fixed perimeter thickness, mine was 1". As Peter said, if you cut any side of the pan off it won't be as thick there as it is on the 3 un-cut sides, so your tile will be lower on the cut side than it is on the other 3 sides. How much depends on the slope of the pan. Also, the pre-made pans demand a sub floor that is both flat and level because they may have the bare minimum of slope built in.

Doing a curbless shower will usually mean increasing the height of the entire finished floor. On a wood framed floor think of it this way; If you set a premade pan with a perimeter of 1" on the existing subfloor you would need to raise the rest of the floor almost 1 1/8" to be even with the top of the pan (1" for the pan, + approx. 1/8" mortar under the pan). And that's before floor tile and mortar, which will add probably 5/8" (typical 3/8" floor tile + approx. 1/4" mortar) so now you're somewhere around 1 3/4" from existing subfloor to the top of the tile - which doesn't include any water proofing if it's needed.
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