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So when I posted here I had also reached out to Bostik. They asked for pics which I sent them. They called back and referred me to the area rep who also asked for pics and said he would consult with their tech expert. His words were that this should not be happening. Interested to see what they say if and when they reply.

It’s been a week drying out, 5 of those days with a small heater fan running. Some tiles are lightening but the side against the dam looks more spread out.

I think I am going to cut out the grout around the outer parimeter row of tiles and pull up all the middle. Grind down all the thin set, remove the drain to try to check the weep holes, see if I can grind the long side slopes down for more pitch and lower the drain 1/8-1/4”, do water absorption tests on the mudbed maybe?

I believe these marble hex’s are MSI, they also make the same size/style in a faux Carrara porcelain that might be a possibility to retile the center with if it doesn’t look too bad? I have a sample coming. Funny though I noticed under the specs for each at it says the water absorption is the same at .5%.
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