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Maybe the weep holes got plugged some how idk. I don’t really want to switch floor materials at this point because my perimeter row is under the bottom wall tiles. If it were not I would switch to a porcelain that matches the walls. I know grout can be in contact with water 24/7, be under water, even possibly setup and cure under water but not normally for our application. I know everyone says it’s not the grout but here me out. I think the grout, especially in the area around the drain got over worked and became too porous. Yes grout will absorb and transfer water at some point but think of comparing concrete vs deck mud, both will absorb and transfer water but at much deferent rates. You could pool 5 gals of water on concrete and it could take days, weeks or months to convey all of that water through it were as deck mud could convey that amount of water in minutes.

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