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First off, your slope does not meet the's a minimum of 1/4"/foot. The first one was almost 2.5', so 5/8" drop or so, to what you stated as 3/8" assuming I read it right.

THen, replacing the grout with epoxy might help, or hurt things. For any moisture that might have gotten through, there are probably three paths to get rid of it: back through the grout, out the tile, or to weep out the weep holes. Using a nearly impervious grout might prevent that path for moisture to escape. Water wants to go towards dry areas, and gravity helps, too. So, if more water goes through the tile than can either be wicked away underneath or evaporate out the top, it will build up.

Were there any dips in the preslope, and, did the WHOLE pan drain after you did the water test, or were there pockets of water left standing?
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