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tile around rough toilet opening

We are tiling bathroom floor and are not sure how to work around the rough toilet opening. There is a red metal oakey casper flange, about 1/4 thick, with 3 holes on each side plus two slots that look like they would slide along a bolt. This is fitted around the drain, which currently has a plug in it.

This flange can move up and down and looks as though it should sit up on the finish tile floor (1/4" tile"). It will be a bit of a challenge to slide the tiles in under it but doable. However that would mean that some of the holes of the flange would be over the tile. Wouldn't this mean that holes would need to be drilled in the tiles to attach the flange?

We wondered if we should instead just butt the tile up close to this flange and insert small tile spacers between the holes of the flange to get it up to the finish height. Then the flange could be screwed into the subfloor without making holes in the tiles?
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