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How waterproof is thinset?

I just watched a Schluter-Kerdi Drain video over at thier website. The stuff looks great and I'm too far into my install to use it, but it raised some questions.

In the install they used modified thinset for all of the Ditra seams with a 2" overlap as well as the the drain itself. This, they say, gives a waterproof install.

Is modified thinset that waterproof? I knew it was more resistant than plain thinset, but not waterproof. Won't it still draw moisture up into the joints?

If it is that water resistant, should I use regular thinset to set my floor tile to help with evaporation?

Oh, before I forget, I was reading on another website that "good" contractors use a ribbed mat between the liner and the mud to aid water runoff. I've not seen such a product, but I had been thinking about that same thing. Is there such a thing? Do "good" contractors use it.

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