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Bill B
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Custom shower install

Hi all this is my first post here, I hope you can help with some advise regarding a custom shower & tub install I am planning. I am a pretty well rounded guy with many skills but never done tile work.

Here is the deal I just purchased a whirlpool Jacuzzi tub ( Drop in Type). I will be redoing the shower and tub area in tile. The existing tub and shower are typical pre-fabricated acrylic / fiberglass. What I want to do is create a custom fabricated tile shower and face and top for the tub box. So the new shower will be fully fabricated. Here are my questions. I would like to see if I am on the right track with the installation approach of the project.

Home is 5 years old and the walls are drywall in the bath. I am not sure if they used green board drywall. The install is an up stairs bath. With chip board ply flooring.

I’m I on the right track and is this a typical way to approach the project. Mostly the custom shower part.

After removal of the existing tub and shower.

1. Frame up all enclosures ( ie. Shower pan, Tub Box, shower / tub devider ect. ) With 2x4 framing studs.
2. Cap stud framing work with ½ ply OR chip board ply OR What should I use ?
3. Cover all ply with water barrier ( plastic sheeting) (Is this a good idea? )
4. Cover all ply with tar paper / roofing felt ( Is this a good idea?)
5. Cover all framing work with cement backer board
6. Cover all areas where tile will be with cement backer board. ( i.e. walls / shower floor, and top and sides of the tub box) (Do I need a water barrier between the dry wall, floor and the backer board? )
7. Seal all backer board edges and seams with ???????? What do you use here??
8. To create the pitch or drainage of the shower I was told you just trowel it and create the draft for drainage all by hand? Is this right???? And what type of cement do you use. Thin set mortar???
9. Am I now ready for tile????

A few more questions.

What type cement would you use for the bottom of the shower to create the pitch for drainage.

Hope to here from you.
Thanks much
Bill B
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