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The requirement is to have no mechanical fastener penetration in the shower pan liner below a height of 2" above the finished curb top. The liner itself is to rise 6" above the floor or 3" above the finished curb top, whichever is higher.

Don't know where the finished curb top will be when you install the liner? Join the crowd. Just one of the things I don't understand about that particular code section. Just make sure your fasteners are 2" above the waterproof portion of your curb and I think you'll be fine. See my warranty information below.

As for the fit of your CBU panels, you clearly did not comply with product manufacturer's instructions. Will that adversely affect your installation? I dunno. Other manufacturers require a gap between their panels, but you didn't use their products. Unless you wanna start over, I'd recommend you carefully fill and tape those joints with the appropriate tape and thinset mortar.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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