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Curb done!!! Thanks Davy!!!

Curb is in and I’m pretty happy with results considering its my first curb (a lot of firsts with this project). Walls and top are aprox 1/2” thick (thanks for the thickness advice CX!!). Walls are relatively plane but noticed a small dip on the interior facing curb wall when I went back out and looked at it tonight. Thinking I can work around this when setting tile but will post a pic prior to tile case it needs to be filled prior to tile. Top slopes into shower nicely as did the 2x4s, liner and lath.

Thanks Davy for the feedback on the 3” hex and 5:1 mix!!!! And yes, plan is to reconfigure the CBU with larger pieces on the bottom.....and drop them down close to liner to embed them in top mud bed.

Praying all DIY projects and Paid Gigs are turning out as planned!!

Stay safe out there!!!
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