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It can help to roll the Ditra out the opposite way to take some of the curl out of it. Also, do pull a section back once you think you've got it embedded properly. You should see a full coat of thinset on both the back of the mat and the floor. If not, you may need a bit more water in the mix, or you didn't embed it well. On a large area, sometimes, if you have a lawn roller, that can make it go faster. The stuff also works better if it is at least room temperature, so if you take it out of an unheated garage (well, depends on where you live!), it can be exceedingly stiff.

It gets held in place because the thinset flows around the fleece, then cures. It does not technically 'stick' to the mat, nor does it 'stick' on top...on top, it's held in place because of the shape of the mat.

Normally, thinset bonds by literally growing crystalline spikes into any imperfections in a random, criss-cross pattern, locking the stuff together. Sort of like Velcro. The mat is flexible, so the spikes will break off, and not bond to it.
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