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Welcome, Page.

While you appear to have followed the manufacturer's instructions, I think you used the wrong selection from their recommendation of materials to use for your bedding mortar and then made it a bit worse by mixing it the way you did.

Originally Posted by Dreamline
5. Mix the bedding material (Mortar,
cement-sand mix, etc.) Concrete
or plaster is not recommended.
Apply enough bedding material
to support the entire bottom of
the shower base. This will add
additional stability and prevent the
base from shifting position.
A "cement-sand" mix is going to act differently from a "mortar" mix, especially if you mix it like dry-pack, which is what you did. A sand/cement mix might have worked if you had mixed it according to the instructions on the bag, but still would not have worked as well as would a mortar mix or mason's mix, which will contain some lime along with the Portland and sand and will, to use the very technical term, moosh a lot better in your application.

I would recommend you remove the receptor, clean up the bottom if at all necessary, as well as the floor, and re-install it with a more appropriate mortar mix. I think you'll be a lot happier with the result.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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