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Thanks, Jim. So far it looks like I'm lucky. These tiles seem exceptionally flat. There's three different boxes in this pic.

It looks like orienting vertically in a stack pattern solves literally all my problems. On the large wall I would have to trim 1 inch off of both edge tiles and about 2 inches off the bottom stack. The side walls would have a seven inch wide piece, two full tiles, then another seven, finished with a 2 3/4 bullnose. Ceiling works out too.

I know I'll be giving my laser a workout to maintain alignment so that my grout lines don't suck, and that it will still be dependent on nearly all of my tile being as flat as these first three boxes are. Tomorrow I'll give all of them a very close look, and we shall see.

Oh, and by the way, I had tried a 30% offset, and there were even worse slivers in that arrangement!
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