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Shower Floor Surprise!

So I began chipping away at the shower floor mosaic to begin my Master Bath Remodel. The 5/8" square mosaic tiles just peeled right up because of the moisture issues. But what do I find under the mosaics but another layer of the same 4" square faux slate tiles that are on the wall. Surprising, as they wouldn't allow for good drainage being so rough textured.

When I began I thought there was no drain installed because the homeowner had used RTV to place a drain "cover" on top of the mosaic tiles. So now I have completed chipping the 4" tiles from the floor, lo-and-behold there is a drain installed. They just covered it with the mosaics. Here's the dilemma......

Now I know there is a motar bed whith a drain installed. But the mortar bed is not a good consistent taper to the drain. It has low spots and divots in it, so new tile will only look and perform just as bad. I was thinking about leveling up the bed and starting a new floor using a Kerdi-Pan. But obviously the drain would have to be raised and I wondered if a new drain would just fit inside the old one if cut off?

My questions are;
1) Can this "drain" be cut off flush and replaced with a new one? (Probably cemented - ABS)
2) Do I have to cut away the motar bed and go down into my cement floor to access the original stub?
3) Does the entire mortar bed have to be taken up? (Please tell me there are alternatives!) I would still have the same drain problem.

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