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Thanks for more advice... will do our test on drywall scraps. But I read several times on this forum to enhance/seal before grout AND after grout, partly to make the grout haze come off easier? TileGuy, you're saying that the pits might not hold grout. I can honestly live with that, I'd actually appreciate more of a textured surface if I can get it if that was the main reason NOT to do it before! I can take care to not get the sealer on sides and back. But now I'm wondering if I should take back the spray bottle of Stone Specific and get the quart of Miracle that was $10 more. Spray might be harder to control.

I am also relieved to know that my expert was incorrect. But I have one more question that my husband asked tonight when he called me from the airport coming home from his business trip! We have paint on the wall, but we also have old 'adhesive' or mastic or some such old brown/tan/grooved substance on the bottom 4" of the wall closest to the countertop. Our old countertop was Formica with a 'built in' 4" coved backsplash. When we removed that countertop to replace it with granite, that old stuff was left. It is not very thick at all, but it's not going to be easy to get a sander way down there to sand it down or off, and I worry about getting a chisel to it so close to my new granite, let alone in that very tight 2" space behind the kitchen faucet and the filter faucet. Can we use new adhesive on top of old adhesive? We will obviously get as much of that stuff off as we can but just in case... and we DO have to sand the paint, right? The adhesive won't stick if there is satin paint on the wall?
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