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Also, if you do not like the grout colors at HD, go check out the colors at Lowes. All grout manufactures make multiply colors in different tone ranges, even though a lot like to use the same names for two very different colors.

While sealing the stone, take care to not get a lot on the back and sides. This could cause bonding issues with both the mastic and the grout. You can seal the stone for grout selection, but I would seal the stone after it has been grouted. The pits might not hold grout once they have had sealer in them. Also, Let the tile and grout set for at least 3 days to allow as much moisture as possible to leave the thinset and grout. I am not a big fan of sealing anything 24 hours after you made it wet (mixing of grout). There is going to be just alittle bit of water on the stone with the grouting process.
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