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Thanks to both of you.. I honestly forgot I ever posted on this board! Age I guess... and I thought I was starting a new thread, but..??

Just got back from Home Depot and Lowes. A 'pro' at Lowes scared me. He said that we cannot tile over our drywall. Even if we sand down the paint that is there, we have to rip out our existing drywall and mount Hardibacker because the mortar won't set on drywall paper. He tried to sell me the doublestick mats that you lay down instead, and then Epoxy grout, using a cake decorating bag to put the grout into each.. and...every.. crevice!! I read enough here that I do NOT want to use Epoxy. We want the grout to fill some of the holes in the tumbled stone and the epoxy doesn't seem built for that. I also know I simply don't have the strength to deal with that type of material knowing it's harder to work with. I want a standard thinset and a standard sanded grout.

There was a man standing listening to the Lowes guy talk to me. After I finished with him and wandered off, the man found me. Turns out he's done this a lot himself, and basically told me the 'expert' was spouting a bunch of hooey. He said as long as we sand down the paint and get the shiny surface off, we should be fine setting the backsplash on drywall. He said that the SimpleSet should work fine, but as you both said, TEST. We bought several extra sheets for just that concern. My plan is to use a quarter of one of the sheets, enhance it, then use the SimpleSet to mount it to a piece of wood, let it dry overnight, then mix up some Butter Cream and plop it onto the tile, then let that dry. If everything seems to work well on the sample, then we'll go play in the kitchen. If I have to buy another bag 'o grout in a different color then that's fine.

Our travertine has heavy gold tones, it's Arcadian Stone Collection TC1 Giallo. Mosiac with 2x2, 2x4 and 2x6 tiles on one sheet. I enhanced one of the 2x2's that I took off the mesh and took with me to HD to match grout. The only one that came close was Butter Cream and the little bit that was oozing from the bag was SO yellow that I got a little concerned, but I also read here that it will dry 2-3 shades lighter than the 'sample' color, so that is fine with me as long as it has the same gold tones. Antique White has a lot of gray in it that just wasn't working with my enhanced sample.

I can test this grout but I have to open the bag to mix a little peanut butter sample, but if it doesn't work then I'm out that $13 for that grout, can't take back an open bag! But I guess that's better than putting the wrong stuff on the wall.

We want a great result, but we obviously don't want to make this harder job than it should be. We both have this next week off and planned on taking a few days to get this part over and done with. We decided to rent the wet saw rather than buying a tool we'll probably never use again. We figure with the very little amount of area that we're actually tiling, once we have the prep done we should be able to get into a groove and get it done fairly quickly unless we have troubles with the tile cutting... but Handy Hubby says he can do it!

I appreciate the advice here. If any part of my above ramble seems incorrect to you experts out there please let me know!
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