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Welcome, Cookie.

Seems to be the second very first thread you've started here, so I've combined them.

Be careful with using enhancing sealers and "expecting" to get what the tile store told you. TEST each and every such product on the same tile you expect to use and the same grout, fully cured, you expect to use and see if you get the result you're looking for.

In my experience, the enhancer will have little or no effect on cementitious grouts. Some will do more than others, and some grout colors seem to change a bit more with the enhancer. But more often I see not much effect at all.

Make sample boards and test! Or be prepared for some surprises if you elect to just apply it to your finished product.

And I'd lose the organic adhesive (mastic, Simple Set). That Simple Set may say it's a thinset mortar onna bucket (someone should be doing jail time for that), but it's still an organic adhesive and still might cause some discoloration with your stone. Another place to TEST it on some samples, including waiting the full drying time and applying whatever sealer of enhancer you intend to use.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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