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Here’s one I find myself doing more and more. If you float the floor last this should work for you. The old school guys I apprenticed from would set screeds around the base of the shower for a tile ledge on float day, sometimes tile it same day, makes stacking the wall really nice and quick with some wedges to keep it perfecto.

I find this takes less time and gives me a nice start. I’ll take some topping mix and quick mix it in a bucket with a trowel and quickly and roughly put it at the base higher than I’ll need it. I’ll start tiling the wall with the bottom edge of tile on the topping mix, when I get my first couple rows up I’ll adjust the tiles to perfectly level by using my mallet on top. The mud is stiff enough to hold everything perfect. On some jobs I’ve moved the pile to the other walls as I stacked them, because the bond has set enough to hold the original wall by time I’m done. Gonna try with some damp sand one of these days and see if does the same effect to make cleanup easier at the end of the day.
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