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Assuming the grout is hard (indicating it cured and was not too old and already fired off), as said, it's not the grout that is the problem.

Natural stone varies, even across the same quarry, and definately from place to place. SOme is quite dense, some isn't, and that can affect how much, if any, moisture it can absorb.

Thinset is denser than deck mud, and your use of it to 'fix' the slope surface prior to setting the tile didn't help...limiting how fast the water can percolate. Plus, as I said earlier, assuming I read your post correctly, your slope is not up to minimum standards. It may be a combination of things.

One thing I noticed when installing a granite tile in my shower surround is that it got darker after setting. It took it nearly 2-weeks to return to the dry coloration. But, in that interval, I decided that I liked the increased contrast of it looking 'wet', so I used an enhancing sealer on it to return it to a uniform 'wet' look. That's a possibility for you, but test it on a spare tile and wait for things to dry out prior to doing it should you opt for that possibility. Not all of your floor tile may change color with an enhancer, depending on the stone.
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