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I think it will just become too saturated at some point to the degree it causes damage in some fashion. I just don’t think I can look at it and watch it continue. I really feel that the grout, especially around the drain area, is just letting an excessive amount of water through. I see my options as:

1. Wait to see if the marble around the drain lightens up as some areas have. Hard to do when it’s been raining for 3 days straight. Then cut out the grout and either regrout with what I have or probably go with epoxy.

2. If the tile doesn’t lighten up, break those dark ones out and repair/replace and cut the grout out of the rest and regrout. Again probably with epoxy. Could test the mortar bed for water absorption and recovery while I have it open. If I went this route do you think I could chip down to the locking ring and inspect the weep holes?

Did anyone read the linked thread. Same situation and the installer said they removed some tiles and let it sit open for something like 24 days and the tiles right next the ones they removed, the tiles never lightened and was still positive for moisture after all that time. He pulled up the whole floor, and I believe applied a topical membrane and regrouted and did not seal it.

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