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Originally Posted by speed51133 did you waterproof the pan??????

Was there a liner?
Mike, he’s got a liner and 3-piece clamping drain. Take a look at the 4th & 5th picture near the top of the thread to see the drain and liner.

Originally Posted by Jepjep13
...I have heard that about marble but others say it’s notbthat bad, idk.
Any installer who says it’s not too bad hasn’t had the pleasure of the problem. But the problem is very real. And it’s very unpredictable. The unpredictability is the key problem.

Originally Posted by Jepjep13
I know some of the cheap marble may be more prone to being porous...
No, not really. The same good quality stone from the same quarry sometimes is good and sometimes problematic.

From the way you’re describing the grout getting hard on you as you finished, the little cracks, and the varying display of porosity, the grout may be contributing to the problem, but isn’t the main problem. Can I ask a bit about your grout? As the grout was stiffening, did you add a little bit of water to soften it up a tiny bit? I ask because properly mixed grout will be homogeneous. And if the parts that are absorbing additional moisture are the same parts that had a little water added to the mix, that would help explain.

Also...what did you do, if anything, to protect the weep holes?

But one problem is very clear: your stone is absorbing moisture. So, even if the grout was 100% non porous (which non are), it certainly looks like you’d still have something of a problem.

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