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Thank you. And yes I have heard that about marble but others say it’s notbthat bad, idk. Water seems to sit on the marble dam cap just fine but it’s 5/8” thick too Where the discoloration is around the drain is where the water puddles some when showering as it’s going down the drain, I don’t know what would be considered excessive, but there is no standing water within seconds of turning the water off. The hydroment was stiffening up when I was doing the floor so maybe it’s faulty and passing too much water, that’s what I feel it is. The floor grout now has some micro cracking, but these are the only cracks I can find. This shower was used for the first time less than 2 weeks ago. I know some of the cheap marble may be more prone to being porous but I think it’s going through the grout too quickly. In some areas on the wall grout it will really not absorb water and change color, in other areas it’s immediate.

Also, when we took the last shower, water was being expressed out of the grout around the drain 12 hours later, it dried up within the following 12 hrs sometime to point where it was not wet to the touch. Seems like it should be going out the weep holes more so than the surface around the drain.
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