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HELP! Water under marble shower floor


We recently finished our master bath shower after gutting it to the studs and removing the fiberglass shower pan. We chose a porcelain “marble look” 12”x24” tile for the walls, 2” Carrera marble hexagon on the floor and in the back of the niche, and solid marble for the dam cap and niche shelf and trim.

I first filled in the gapping hole around the drain in the foundation with concrete that was hidden under the fiberglass shower pan.

Built a curb out of 2x4’s and scabed in 2x6 pieces in between each stud

Set the drain and packed a dry mud base for a presolpe.

Put in the rubber liner, siliconed to the drain and installed the locking ring and water tested it.

Packed in the dry mud mortar bed and used stucco mix and wire for the dam, putting pebbles around the weep holes of the drain.

Durarock the walls, filling all screw holes and seaming joints with webtape thin set

3 coats of red guard on everything down and out to 1” around the outside of mud bed.

Tiled the walls starting with the second row, then laid the floor and dam cap, then the bottom row of tiles.

Grouted everything with bostik hydroment vivid sanded grout that is supposed to be good down to 1/16 grout joints. Waited 72hrs per bostik to seal

Used 511 sealer on everything, waited 24hrs and repeated, waited another 24hrs

Set the frameless shower doors and everything looked great!

Then we hook half a dozen showers and I could see water being retained under the marble floor. We took a few more showers and it spread.

I searched the around the web and found about the exact same thing here:

Although it was seemingly repaired it unfortunately did not state the cause.

We have obviously stopped using the shower and I have a heater running in there to hopefully dry it out and hopefully the tiles will go back to their lighter, original color. If so, my question is now should I grind all the grout out and regrout with maybe epoxy or start pulling up tiles. I hope that is enough info and I will try to post all of the pics I have. Thank you for any assistance you may provide. James
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