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Thinset for stone deco tiles on mat over Kerdi

I have read that it is policy to keep all questions about my project in one thread even if very different. So...

We have 40 sqft of shower wall with an expensive "deco" natural stone tile on matts. This will go over Kerdi up to 7 feet and plain sheetrock from 7 to 10 feet. I need a thinset that does not sag as the spacers will be a challenge (I will use some spacers but really just need the tile to stick. I consider this a pretty heavy tile but not that heavy. It is 11X13 or so.

I have been researching way too long and my short list is Custom Prolite (can get locally at Home Depot), Lacticrete 255 (I think I can get within 30 min drive) and Mapei Large Tile and Stone Mortar (Can get locally at Lowes). Cost is not a factor as I need a bag.

I know Kerdi should not have modified thinset but I cant find an unmodified with good sag properties (does not mean its not out there, I just cant find any). I don't have any issue using the modified on small tiles like this over kerdi(4"X4" dims on the shapes)

Thanks in advance!
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