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MIke G
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Well, life isn't working out on this effort as I thought I few posts back.

1. Heat gun to soften glue doesn't work as initially thought, only works occasionally. This glue is tough stuff and of course wood is an insulator. Basically, calling it quits on this approach, I'll be in an old folks home before this is remotely done.

2. Tried replacing 1 section with new T&G plywood, also very tedious and I'm not even in tight area yet. The good news is previous guy did not install floor under cabs or island, but i'm a long way from either.

3. Reading on Hardie site, they say the backer can be installed using adhesive, is it a crazy idea to install board this way over the existing unmovable parquet?

4. I've done many, many projects, but this one isn't getting there, suggested to wife we consider a different flooring approach...…

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