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Welcome, Paul.

You've gotta decide first what kind of water containment system you want to use before you can even decide what kind of drain you want to install.

You can build a traditional receptor with a mud pre-slope, then a PVC or CPE liner (not rubber), for which you'd want a standard three piece clamping drain. But if you intend to keep that wood-framed bench, I'd recommend against that.

You could use a direct bonded waterproofing membrane system. The orange one you mentioned is sold by Schluter Systems and is called the Kerdi Shower System. My preference is for a gray one sold by USG and is called the Durock Shower System. With the Kerdi system you can use gypsum drywall as your backing material if done per the manufacturer's instructions, but with the Durock system you need to use CBU.

With either of those systems you need to use a bonding flange drain that is part of the system and you make a single mud floor, properly sloped to the drain. Over that you apply more of the same waterproofing membrane. You'll need to do a little research on both, but we've helped many hundreds of visitors build such showers.

The deck mud you want for the sloped floor of any type receptor you build will be a very simple mix of sand and Portland cement mixed in a ratio of five to one with a little water added. You can find much information on that in the Shower Construction section of our Liberry.

Decide what type of shower waterproofing you want to use and we can deal with your specific questions at that point.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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