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Thanks for replying Ali.
The floor joist are 2x9.25 on 16” c . Unknown species With 1/2 “ plywood. It does not have a mud deck . The entire 2nd floor has what appears to be a 2” thick un-reinforced concrete layer. Concrete runs under wall framing and under adjacent rooms’ carpet. The deflecto meter is giving me an L655 but my concern is the actual way the joist are laid out. (See pic) the bathroom complete rectangular dimensions are 11x5 and the joist run parallel to the longest side The 3rd and final joist is spaced 8” oc. From the last one (it is sistered) to accommodate the shower and toilet plumbing past it and beyond that point the next joist is 4 feet apart. Although that unsupported span is divided up by the adjacent bathroom which mirrors the one in question there is still a 22”x22” unsupported span directly under the front of this shower space to be. This might be basic stuff for some of you pros but those joist mentioned are hung on a sistered joist running perpendicular that . So to me most the load is on the perpendicular joist. Hope this makes some sense.
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