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Good advice as always. Rant on RedGard instructions!

Thanks guys…appreciate the quick feedback.

Please know in advance that I appreciate the sharing of knowledge that comes out of this forum. The rant below is simply my way of venting (and possibly helping others) about gibberish RedGard installation instructions put out mainly by the manufacturer.

Originally Posted by Davy
I'm not sure that your Redgard is thick enough. When I get it to credit card thickness, you can't see the Durock print thru it.
Davy, are you putting RedGard on with a trowel? That seems to me the only way to get CC thickness without a ridiculous number of coats with a roller.

That photo was with primer and 2 coats. I put a third coat on yesterday and pic is below. You can still see Durock logo thru RedGard. I understand where you are coming from because I have seen this same Credit Card Thickness reference before (but never on the manufacturer’s website or product). I have seen reference from the Mfg not to exceed 125 mils. Have never seen a minimum thickness in mils from the Mfg. (Not saying it’s not out there from the Mfg, just haven’t seen it).

Mfg, says coverage for general waterproof membrane (does that mean shower walls?) should be about 55sf per gallon…..2 coats. I have 80sf I am waterproofing so I used 1 1/2 gallons….which got me a primer coat mixed with water, 3 full coats with a roller (brush in corners and niche) and 2 coats of spot coverage with the brush on pinholes. I alternated direction of roller with each coat/layer (vertical then horizontal strokes).

So, of course wanting to do it right, Davys comment got me thinking……so I confirmed all this on Mfg website, including using a 3/4” nap Rough textured roller and a brush to apply.

I have come to this conclusion…..there is no way to get credit card thickness using recommended roller and 2 coats (I primed walls and have applied 3 coats so far and am no where near 25mils). My guess is you would need 8-10 coats to get anywhere near the 25mil mark. This is way to much labor (8 coats x1.5 hours dry time between coats = 12 hours dry time alone. Not to mention time and energy involved to roll on each coat….add another 6-10 hours when you consider clean up after each coat).

I have also come to the conclusion that the Mfg instructions are confusing at best, and downright incorrect at worst.

Further, I found a you tube video put out by the Mfg on how to apply their product. It confirms 2 coats with a roller (and brush for corners) for waterproofing. Also, the guy in the Mfg video is shown setting tile after the 2 coats and you can clearly see the CBU logo showing thru the RedGard (see attached screenshot from Custom install video on You Tube).

Here is the video….if link below does not take you to the video, you can search for Custom Video on installing RedGard on You Tube.

Then I go to Customs material calculator, and it tells me I need 3.5 gallons of RedGard for 80sf!!!!! (This would confirm Davy’s comment of CC thickness but is contrary to other instructions on Custom website and instructional video).

If you can’t tell, Custom has me fuming right now. As a DIYr trying to do everything right, the last thing I need is confusing, conflicting info coming from the Mfg of the product.

This will force a call to Custom on Monday to see how they respond to these questions/concerns.

To further add to my confusion, there is a member (retired moderator) on this forum, with over 16,000 posts, who advocates 2 coats RedGard and call it good (granted this was several years ago). I have posted a screenshot of one of his posts.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will go ahead and roll on the other 1/2 gallon I have on hand and hold off on tile until I talk to Custom. The good news is that no matter what I find out, Davy’s comment was made pre tile installation. So RedGard install can be done correctly at this point.

I am going to tackle my tub/shower walls after I finish with this shower. At this point, I will be researching alternative waterproofing methods.

Be safe out there!!!
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