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Floor tile set…question on curb?

Originally Posted by DAVY
Yes, that's the correct thin-set to use.
Thanks Davy….floor set using white PM Versabond. Figured there was no need to use the more expensive Mapei LFT I have for the larger wall tiles.

For anyone following this thread, I started out using a 1/4”x1/4” square notched trowel for the 2 1/2” hex tiles with 1/8” grout line. It put down way to much mortar and was making a mess. Switched to a 3/16”x1/4” notched trowel and it was just right. Gave me aprox 95% coverage. While I still had a little squeeze out, it was minimal compared to the larger trowel.

Now about my curb……I noticed this and mentioned it in an earlier post….but now it’s time to address it.

There is a dip on the inside (shower facing) wall of my curb (see pic). It measures aprox 1/4” at its deepest point. Is it OK to fill this with Thinset prior to setting tile on that face or just beef up thinset in that area while setting curb tile?OR is there some other material I should use?

And yes, the larger hex tile around the drain was a big PITA!!!!!

As always, comments and criticisms welcome.

Thanks and be safe out there.
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