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Originally Posted by ss3964spd
Scott, no need to let the mud breath after removing the plastic
Thanks Dan, appreciate the input. I had a timing issue because someone is staying in our casita where this shower is....they were out of the unit for 3 days and I didn’t want to do full RedGard treatment and stink up the place.....but did want a little membrane down low as outlined below.

Went ahead and kind of did a hybrid on the RedGard. What I really wanted was to have RedGard on CBU lower than the floor tile (Don’t ask me why.....I have no clue...and no, I did not RedGard the mud guys have taught me well). So, went ahead and did a prime coat 1/2 way up per Custom instructions....1 part RedGard to 4 parts water... (will prime rest of walls prior to full RedGard treatment) then put 2 coats normal strength about 2 inches up on bottom of CBU. Just an FYI for anyone priming walls with RedGard, a little goes a long way diluted like that for priming. Intended to only go up the wall 2 to 3” but had a lot more material than I needed. Not wanting to waste it, I primed 1/2 way up the walls.

Got the floor tile dry placed and hoping to thinset down tomorrow. Obviously joint lines aren’t in their final resting place and, I’m not happy with tiles around the drain. Other than that I’m happy overall. I did the tiles around drain with my budget Ryobi wet saw but it didn’t handle the small cuts very well. Thinking about trying to redo some of those drain pieces with my angle grinder tomorrow prior to setting.

Anyone have any tips for making those awkward little cuts (stinkin hex tile!!) around the drain?

In looking at the photos, I do notice there is more of the light grey/white tiles on the left side. Prior to mortar, I will probably relocate a few of those to the right side to balance out the look a bit.

Any other comments or criticisms before I stick it down?

Be safe out there.
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