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OK--let's say I pour a new floor and extend the drain. Then I use Durarock for my walls and slope a layer of mud for my floor. Can I use Redgard on the whole thing? I mean floor, walls, everything? After the Redgard can you tile directly to it on the floor and if so, will it hold up? I think what I'm wondering is if the Redgard will cure durable enough that it won't tear away with normal foot traffic and expansion/contraction.
Yes, you could do that. Redgard is meant to be tiled on. Redgard has a detail for attaching the membrane to the drain fitting, but many here think it is a weak link. A couple of things to remember: 1) use CBU tape and thinset to tape and mud all the backerboard joints before you apply the Redgard. 2) You will need a setting bed (final slope of deck mud) over the Redgard on the shower floor (that's the way the Redgard people want it). 3) Be careful with the Redgard on the shower floor, since you could plug up the weepholes in the drain fitting. 4) You do not Redgard the setting bed, water simply soaks through it and into the drain.
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