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Justin. it is the master shower in the main house of the flip. I moved in to the flip with the intention of living in the apartment of the flip, but that got derailed when the a/c wasn't working in the apartment on the weekend that I moved. Ends up that the Freon was shut off inside the unit so we had it going the next day but I had already set up in the the main house and the main house is 10 degrees cooler than the apartment since some of it is underground. So I decided that I would just stay in the main house. I have the stove and the washer/dryer set up in the apartment since I have the kitchen and laundry room in the main house completely tore up and I have the refrigerator and microwave in the main house for those midnight snacks.

I knew when I bought this place that the showers were not built properly and the master shower is way to small so I planned on gutting them all eventually.

The plan is to finish the kitchen/ laundry room in the main house then gut the master shower and when I am done with that I will do the hall bath tub surround. Yep that one is tile over purple board as well. When I get everything done in the main house I will go back to working on the apartment
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