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Mike Kimball
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Hello to all, hope that all are looking forward to the holidays comming up. We are going to Birch Bay for Xmas and new years. Should really quiet and laid back. Kids are comming for Xmas day. The weather has been really squarely around here. We have had hard rain, some flooding, some snow that is all gone now. We have had also some bright days also. I have been making some xmas presants out in my shop, been turning some bowls on my lathe, thanks Mr. Frack, he started me clear back in 7th grade. I have some burled maple that I got this past summer.A logger friend of mine turned me onto a maple log,that was 18 ft.long and 5 ft. thru at the butt. It is all burled all the way around, some really beautiful wood.
The family is all doing well,kids will all be home for xmas, that is the best xmas presant that I could get. We have had a great year aside from the last couple of months, starting 9-11- 01. I would like to get something going on the reunion.
Hope all of your holidays are great, GOD BLESS TO ALL
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