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Old retired tilesetter passes away and ends up in Hell.He meets the Devil and says,"I don't understand,I've always been a decent man,never done any wrong.Why am I not in Heaven?"The Devil says,"Shut up and get to work!"and gives him a list of tile jobs to do.
A while later,St. Peter calls and informs the Devil that a mistake was made somehow and that the tilesetter should be in Heaven.The Devil says,"You should see the beautiful tile work I have now around my oven and he's working on doing some mosaics around the fire pit!This was not a mistake at all!"and hangs up the phone.St. Peter calls back and threatens to sue the Devil if he doesn't give up the tilesetter.The Devil laughs at him,"And just where do you think you're going to get a lawyer?"

What do a sperm and a lawyer have in common?
They both have a one in a million chance of becoming a human being.
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