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Deflecto with I joist

Good afternoon all. I have a quick question regarding deflection. I have I joists in my home which I know are not covered by the deflecto calculation. They are 9.5 inches tall and have 2x4 material on top and bottom of webs as typical. I understand that the only way to get a definitive answer on deflection is to contact the manufacturer, but I'm asking here for a very rough and non binding guess as I am confident they are overbuilt. If I do the calculation for 2x10 dimensional lumber of the same size I get a deflecto result North of 800 (2x10 DF with a ten foot span on 16 inch centers). Since I joists are supposed to be stronger than DL of the same size is it safe to at least assume that I have a minimum of 800 then? Is there any scenario where a perfect condition I joist is not as strong deflection wise as DL of similar dimension? If my assumption is incorrect I guess I'll have some voice mail trees to navigate next week with the manufacturer.
Thanks in advance.

Ron from San Ho
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