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Originally Posted by Speed51133
Maybe you can find "some guy" that grouts it, but I highly doubt that person is on this forum.
I would be one of those guys, Mike, and I've actually been on this forum for some time.

When I learned to build showers, they were all done with mud walls and mud floors and I learned to grout all the joints in them. When I later learned that it was more correct to use silicone sealant on the change-of-plane joints, I also learned that it didn't look good and customers didn't particularly like it. I went back to grouting (or having grouted) all such joints and telling customers that the joints might crack a little, but it wouldn't affect their shower at all. They liked that better than the silicone sealant.

These days, with the advent of accurately color-matched sealants in satin and sanded finishes, I could be swayed to treat my change-of-plane joints more properly in some cases. But even after going from mud showers to direct bonded waterproofing membranes over drywall or CBU walls, I'm still inclined to grout the floor/wall joints.

I do, of course, still tell our visitors that the correct procedure, per tile industry standards, is to use a flexible sealant in those joints.

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