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Hey good day everyone. Had a bit of time to continue bathroom, coming along fine, Im finally half have a few minor questions and would like your opinion..

A: I will be adding the fiber tape next. When would be the best time to put the water proofing membrane strip, now before adding the redgard, I add it with a thin coat of thinset and then the redgard or I add it at the same time with the Redgard? I think its the latter..

B: If water was go to thru the tile & thinset and on to the redgard, what happens to the water if it hits a low spot and sits there, does it dry up or will it filter thru the redgard?

C: In reference to redgard, I want to avoid stepping on it while putting the tiles on the walls to unsure I don't damage it, so should I redgard everything except floor and redgard it at the end when ready to put tiles or does it need to be all done at once to ensure its completely sealed? I can maybe put a cloth on the floor to protect it.. ( I will be putting tiles from about 20" from ground up first, then floor and the bottom row last )

D: I want to put the same tiles of the wall on the floor to match, so I would have to get PEI 2 correct, which is rated for light floor traffic?

F: In reference to the floor color, my walls will be light gray, im assuming if I put the same color on the floor, a lighter color grout will get dirtier quicker as oppose to a darker flooring, but I think the darer flooring gets whitish due to soap etc, in your opinion, which one is easier to maintain

Thank You and I will finish this before the year ends...
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