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Originally Posted by Fabian
If you see the top right of floor, its slopes left and downwards and is not level.
Once again, Fabian, you do not want any level areas in your shower floor. You want a floor that is flat and that slopes from the perimeter of the shower floor at a minimum of 1/4" per horizontal foot to the shower drain. You absolutely must achieve that for your shower to perform correctly.
Originally Posted by Fabian
I can not tear the floor out and redo,..
Of course you can, and that's just what you should do. Deck mud is one of the easiest material in the industry with which to work and one of the very few that allows you create the exact shape and thickness of mortar for a properly sloped shower floor. And it's by far the least costly. Call your first attempt practice and make another mortar bed that is correctly shaped for your shower floor. It will pay off in spades come time to tile the shower and even more come time to use the shower.

1. If you're talking about a self-leveling compound, see the first sentence of this post. You just spinning your wheels trying to make a proper shower floor from what you've got.

2. See above.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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