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Hello, recovered from my knee damages while doing the floor mud and back at it again. Replaced the shower valve and added the layer of thinset to level out some low spots.

But I have an issue now that I see the floor with the thinset. Based on the picture, the right side where the level is, slopes and is even to the drain, from the left of that, the floor slopes toward the left wall instead down to the drain. If you see the top right of floor, its slopes left and downwards and is not level.

How can i fix this? I can not tear the floor out and redo, will any of these options work?

1: Pour floor leveling concrete to fill in slope toward the wall. If this works, will it grab on to the thinset I just added if the thinset is already dry or do I need another thin layer for the new concrete. Will the concrete crack or is it hard enough like the floor mud?

2: I don't pour the concrete and when I start tiling, from left to right, I add more thinset to the floor and the back and less toward the right side till its level..My only concern with this method is the water that gets thru the tile would slope towards the left wall and just sit there. I do already have a layer of thinset so not sure if it would be too much thinset and will crack

3: Add more thinset now on top of this layer to level it out before waterproofing instead of leveling while tiling. This one seems best but thinset layer would be thick, not sure if it would crack due to thickness.

My shower is on a concrete slab so Im not concerned about leaking down, just concerned about Mold, water sitting against the wall etc...

Thank You much..
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