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Fireplace hearth - tiling over brick

Prepping brick for tile can be done a couple ways. If your brick is flat
without any major humps and bumps its safe to simply clean it up and
notch trowel over it with thinset.
If your brick isn't flat you might want to consider floating a new flat
and level float job right over the top to create a nice setting surface.

To prep for your mudjob you will need to clean the brick. A bucket of
water with a scrub bush to loosen the dirt and a sponge to wipe it up
will be needed. After cleaning the brick wipe it with a wet sponge a couple
more times to allow the brick to absorb water. You can also use a spray
bottle for this. Wetting the brick will help to stop the thinset and mud from
drying to fast and provide the best bond possible.

For this simple hearth i have used form boards made from clear redwood
screwed together at the corners and adjusted with shims to the desired
height. The height was determined prior to building the rest of the fireplace
with the intention of floating over the brick from the beginning.
While leveling the form boards close attention to making them square
should be made as well.
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