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Thanks to everyone for their help. We finished at 10pm last night, only took us 8 days to prep and do it all! We had a great deal of replacing of drywall, removing old adhesive, etc to take care of, but the finished product is beautiful. We will wait about 3 days to do the final enhance/seal on grout and travertine, but a lot of the fear was taken away by all the advice I got on this forum.

It was definitely a much bigger job than we thought it would be. HGTV makes it seem like such a simple project, we should have known it wouldn't be that easy! We also found that tumbled stone was much more challenging to work with than the smooth 6" porcelain tiles that we worked with before when we tiled a bay window. Horizontal was easier than vertical, smooth was easier than textured tiles, etc... getting the grout to a workable consistency on a vertical surface was the most challenging, a lot of plopping/pushing grout in with fingers when it dropped off the float, stuff like that... But again, thanks to all. One project down, 14 more to go.
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