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Shower Remodel - Metal Studs and other questions

Hi. This is my first post but I've been reading this forum for some time.
I'm a DIY'er and this is my first shower tile job.

The curb is concreted and I have put in the mortar(toping mix) shower pan with the following order: pre-slope > Pan Liner > final layer Slope

Now to my internal delmia conflicts.
  1. I have 16" on center metal studs. I have not been able to find cement board crews that are self tapping. I have read where people used regular self tapping drywall screws but this seems like a bad idea. Should I just predrill a TON of holes? These are not very thin metal studs.. seem to be pretty hardy.

  2. I have read that the liner will cause my cement board to bend out slightly at the bottom. The liner thickness doesn't seem like it would be much of a problem, but I'm not interested in cutting corners. Should I furr the metal studs, and if so how would I go about doing it with metal studs?

  3. Water barrier - I was planning on 6mil plastic behind the cement board. Should I be worried about the cement board screws puncturing the barrier with metal studs? Would it be better to hang the cbu and then redguard it insted of the plastic barrier?

  4. I was going to hang the cement board 1/4" above the pan and then caulk the gap. Is that a bad idea? Any Input?

Thanks so much for anyone that could give a quality answer. I'll be sure and post up some pictures when I'm done.
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