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I use a TAVY tile puck. It has a small bubble level in its' center. I slide the puck back and forth over the tiles as I lay them. If there is any lippage, you will know it immediately. I pull up tiles frequently and add or subtract thinset here and there as need. The bubble level really helps. There is also the possibility that the thinset was a little too wet and it settled some as it dried. The lippage problem is more challenging where yesterday's tile edges must match todays. It depends some on the pattern that you chose to lay. Mine is a Hopscotch with 8" and 16" tiles and always leaves an irregular edge for the next day's install.

My install is over DITRA (1300 sq. ft.) and I, like you, back buttered the tiles. If I had a little thinset left over , I would just fill some of the next day's DITRA holes.

That puck really helps a lot. I played ice hockey with it with my grandson on the un-grouted floor (after the thinset dried of course). If I hear a bad clunk, I check it out. I took a hammer to one tile that had too much lippage. It came right up, in pieces of course, and the DITRA was not damaged. I then replaced that tile and that fixed that lippage problem.

Hope this helps.

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