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Levelling Tile

I just recently installed tile over ditra on top of a 1.25" ply subfloor that was very flat. Since the job was large I couldn't lay all the tile in one sitting and so some thin-set cured on top of the ditra where I was to lay my tile the next day. I knocked down any high spots I could see before continuing and wiped up what I could before letting it dry before the next tile day.

Here is my issue, In some spots the corners don't all meet up. Meaning there is some lippage here and there throughout the floor. When I installed the tile, I always burn t-set to the backs, and the ditra to fill the voids, then comb out my t-set. After matting the tiles into the ditra, giving it a couple of beats with a rubber mallet and plank, I notice the issue. My coverage obviously was excellent except for the odd low spot (nothing exceeding 1/8th/1/16th in 10ft)

I worry more so about unsupported corners than minor lippage but it still bothers the crap out of me to see any lippage even though I know 1/16th is acceptable, but the floor in question gets so much light it drives me nuts now.

How can this be fixed during install ? Should I add extra t-set to some spots? Am I depressing the tile too much in areas by beating them in, twisting across the combed t-set? What do you do to make sure all the corners are equal ?

I'm sure a lot of this would have been avoided if it wasn't for the dried thinset . This was my first time doing stagged installs on ditra and lessons were well learned. I can honestly say - CBU is a hell of a lot easier to install on top of than ditra! but every underlayment has its pros and cons and ditra's properties pros do outweigh its cons.

Your input will really put my mind at ease - being a perfectionist stresses me out.
Dave C.
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