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Going to use Wedi panels

Months later, and my replacement tub and shower walls are still not installed. It is such a pain to get things done here.

I have purchased Wedi 1/2" panels because it seems like they are the easiest to install.

My questions...
1. Should there be anything installed under the Wedi? The back wall of the tub/shower wall (5 ft) and 6" deep pony wall continues on about 4.5 ft to the corner of the bathroom. We have not drywalled that 4.5 ft section yet, but if we put Durock on the shower section, the rest of that wall will need to be the same total thickness.

2. Currently, there are only 16" o.c. studs. (= 407 mm) Wedi instructions...

"Minimum required thickness of Wedi should be 20 mm (0.787") for 400 - 600 mm."

Then, instructions show a picture with 12.5mm Wedi used in 450 mm (17.7" o.c.) studs.
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