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Off-label use for Polymer Additive

Hello All,
Newbie here, though I'm a long-time lurker (in the middle of fashioning a Frankenguise shower system, for instance). However, my question has nothing to do with tiling. I have scoured the internet for some useful information, but have come up short. I was hoping that your collective experimentation (probably accidental) might give me some insight. I know this is entirely off-subject, so I apologize if I am breaking a rule. I just can't think of another group of people who might know.

I have an 8'x10' wool rug that has delaminated from its backing. Every tutorial of how to replace the backing just says to paint on new latex. The few specific product recommendations are out of stock all over the planet, apparently. So, I am trying to come up with an alternative. When I google liquid latex, 'Polymer Additive' keeps coming up. I am familiar with what this is, but only through research. I have never used it. To be clear, I am not talking about adding it to thin set for any tiling purposes; It will be used alone, painted onto the back of a rug, probably covered by and gluing down fabric. Since my intended purpose is not the manufacturer's intent, the specs don't mention the relevant characteristics. I was thinking that some of you may have accidentally left some open or spilled some and could tell me of its properties. According to Mapei <in the questions on the Lowe's product page>, Mapei Polymer Additive is the same thing as Mapei Keraply. This is the most attractive option, since it is locally available and affordable.

So, my questions concerning dried Polymer Additive are;
1) Will water (from occasional shampooing) cause it to liquify and
a) separate from the wool tufts?
b) migrate to the top of the rug?
2) Will it remain flexible enough to roll up the rug?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my questions. I appreciate any feedback you might have.
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