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Thank you both. That is a great product.

I honestly don't think we can do the concrete work ourselves. We can't seem to find contractors locally who do things correctly. We have never been people who DIY, but we have had to learn.

We just paid $1800.00 to a plumber to install our new tub and he refused to read the instructions. He threw them over his shoulder when I gave them to him. Now, the flange is broken because he did not follow the directions. It broke a couple of days after he left, and he said it must have been our fault. He said we must have bumped a wall stud. Nope. $800.00 tub now has to be replaced, and we have to pay someone else to install a new one, and they or may not do it correctly.

I need someone who lives in Southeastern Oklahoma who knows what they are doing and will backup their work. Any takers?
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