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You can drywall whenever you want. You just need to put the foam sill seal in between the mud (if that's even the route that you are going) and whatever it comes up next to. It's the flexible gap that you need and that's what the foam gets you.

For thinset, you're pretty safe figuring your tile + 1/8 inch. You can figure 3/16" if you want. That will get you in the ballpark for hitting the elevation that you want to hit.

So, if your tile + 1/8 inch of mortar gets you to about 1/2 inch thick then you'll have to figure out how you are going to build up the remaining 1/2-5/8 inch to level out with the wood in the doorway.

You can install 1/2 inch foam board, like Wedi board or Kerdi board, over the marble. You can't use Hardibacker or cement board because those require nails along with mortar to be installed correctly.

You can also use a self-leveling compound.

Or you can remove the marble and do a mortar bed or self-leveling.

That's pretty much your options that I can think of unless you want to put a transition in the doorway.
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