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You can plug the drain on your tub and fill it with water. In fact, you should do this to test it. Fill it all the way up to the overflow and let it run down the overflow for a bit.

You can remove the cap on the bottom outlet so you can fill the tub from right there. Just don't turn the water on too strongly in the beginning.

Take a straight edge and figure out how flat your floor is. If it's flat then you could build up your floor with a foam backer board like Wedi board. This would also provide the benefit of a bit of insulation over your concrete floor.

It would have been nice to build up the floor before the tub went in though. It's not ideal to build up an inch past the tub apron.

Finally, on your 17-inch spacing, you can put in a cross block in between them. I usually put them every 30-36 inches and on every backer board seam when I am doing this.
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